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Property Law

Property Law

WMWP advises clients in real estate projects on a constant basis. The offered services include the prior legal assessment of the object of the transaction (eg existence of peldges or other encumbrances), drafting of the relevant documentation for the envisaged transaction (purchase contracts / options, donation contracts etc), acting as escrow agent for the involved parties and execution of the transaction in the land registry. Furthermore, WMWP assess and calculates the accrued taxes associated with the envisaged transaction.
WMWP regularly assists real estate developers on questions relating to real estate property.

In case of desired changes in the land registry, such as the registration of charge bans, rankings or other rights (such as rights of first refusal, pledges, servitudes or rights of residence), WMWP will draft and provide not only the requisite documentation, but also manages the subsequent filings with the land registry.

In the fields of tenancy law, WMWP drafts and reviews tenancy agreements, lease contracts and condominium contracts and also represents its clients in disputes arising out of such contractual relationships (eg with the enforcement of claims arising out of tenancy agreements, in disputes arising between multiple owners with regard to the administration of the property, trespassing etc).

Activities / References
  • Real estate property transactions (including apartments, houses, industrial real estate, tenement houses)
  • Drafting of contract documentation (tenancy agreements, lease contracts, condominium agreements etc)
  • Land registry matters
  • Providing constant legal advice to real estate developers
  • Rent and Eviction proceedings
  • Providing legal advice to property managemers and estate agents
  • Review of utility bills
  • Advised on numerous investment projects (acquisition of industrial real estate property and immediate leasing of such objects)
  • Advised on numerous sales of apartments
  • Provided legal advice in various large hotel takeovers
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